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Kitting & Assembly


Custom configuration services & solutions

Did you know it takes the average user over thirty minutes to configure a mobile device and over one hour to configure a new computer system for a business environment. Let SwipeTrack eliminate the hassle by providing imaging, configuration profile management, Mobile Device Management (MDM) enrollment and more.

SwipeTrack offers custom configuration services that include physical configuration and integration of hardware as well as system and application configuration. This approach allows us to not only create “systems” by integrating a solution such as scanning for instance, but also to image and/or profile the device and to apply an MDM, endpoint management, imaging or a variety of other options.

Considerable corporate focus and investment is continuously devoted toward developing cutting edge program solutions reflecting the latest proven technologies and IT business practices in order to provide unparalleled configuration services. Our solutions are designed to provide enhanced device and system functionality not only at delivery but throughout the useful life of the device.

Pulling together the programmatic requirements and developing a comprehensive strategy for delivering a complete solution against complex requirements is our specialization. Representing the “last mile” to support deployment, consolidated procurement, custom kitting, software, and system infrastructure & security are routinely delivered against exacting timelines to virtually unlimited locations.

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