Infinite Peripherals DPP-350 Mobile Bluetooth Printer with Mag Strip Reader

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The Infinite-Peripherals DPP-350 portable printer provides both ruggedness and reliability in a small package. Communicate with your handheld through a RS-232 cable, USB cable or Bluetooth interfaces. The Infinite-Peripherals DPP-350 ruggedized, compact and is a cost effective Bluetooth printing solution. The DPP-350's compact size along with its numerous interface methods make it a great option for your portable printing needs.

Product Features:

  • Communicate with RS-232C, USB cables or wirelessly through Bluetooth® interface
  • Lightweight (~15oz with paper and battery)
  • 80mm direct thermal printing
  • Internal, rechargeable Li-Ion Battery batteries
  • Easy “drop in loading” of paper
  • 3 Track Mag Stripe Reader (optional)

Included in package with purchase:

  • Printer
  • Internal, rechargeable Li Ion battery
  • 115V AC charger
  • Serial cable
  • 1 roll of thermal paper
  • Metal belt Clip